Your ironing board matters..

The use of steam when ironing is essential, it's helps soften the creases and makes the job a lot easier.

A basic ironing board can not cope with the amount of excess water that results over long ironing sessions. The water has nowhere to go!

So, the solution: Heated, Vacuum Boards.

A heated surface works in two ways - firstly it helps to keep the board cover dry and secondly, you'll be ironing both sides of the garment at the same time. Benefit: cuts down ironing time by 50%.

The vacuum fan is another feature which can also speed up the ironing process and make life easier for operators. The fan draws the garment onto the board surface and the steam is sucked through the board which helps to penetrate stubborn creases more efficiently.

Things to consider when purchasing:

1. A folding table generally has less suction power than a fixed table.

2. Fixed tables are generally more robust and offer greater stability in commercial usage.

3. If space is an issue, check the dimensions of the board - when upright and folded for storage.

4. If you want to cut your ironing time in half, upgrading to a heated table will provide this benefit and you'll never want to use a standard board again.

Check out our range of heated, vacuum tables here:

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