Starting an ironing service

If you're thinking of starting up an ironing business, now is the time!
Ironing is the most hated household chore and with people working longer hours than ever,  ironing is time consuming and avoidable.
To start an ironing business, take a note of these tips:

  • Research - know your market, check out competitors and write a plan.
  • Marketing - be local, try leaflet drops, online advertising via Google Adwords and word of mouth. Getting this right will have steady results, but remember: repeat, repeat, repeat.
  • Perfect your service - quality is king. Make sure your ironing standard is tip top. Practice your skills and learn from your customer comments - they're the best judge. Getting this wrong at the very start will do your business damage from which it's hard to recover.
  • Choose your environment - work in a smoke free area, away from pets and strong cooking smells. You customer will expect this and strange smelling ironing will deter them from using  you again.
  • Transportation - collection and delivery is expected nowadays. Use a vehicle that can accommodate ironing without creasing. Use a shower pole for an improvised hanging rails in the back of your car!
  • Presentation - nicely ironed garments are a must, but how you package them will help to present your service in the best way. Use garment covers for hanging garments, don't squeeze too many under each cover. We suggest 4-5 items per cover. Label the covers with the customer name - helps you keep things together. Folded items can be covered using the same covers - perhaps package as a parcel with sellotape - keep folded items compact but not too small as to increase folding.
Feedback - ask for this. Take careful note of the things you do well and the things clients suggest. There is no such thing as a 'fussy customer' - make sure they get their ironing back the way THEY want it.

if you found these tips useful, please share or comment below.
We'll be posting more tips on a regular basis, if you have any questions or need some advice - we'll be happy to help.
Happy Ironing! And good luck.

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