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Starting an ironing service

On demand ironing services are growing rapidly, the potential for success is possible. Just start with the basics...

Your ironing board matters..

Still using a basic ironing board? Does your board cover get really wet and you have a puddle of water on the floor? There are professional solutions for this problem...

Ready to upgrade equipment?

 If you've been using domestic irons and have found that they only last a few months due to the volume of ironing you're taking care of - it might be time to consider upgrading to commercial equipment...

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Product Advice

Whether you're starting out from home, a shop or an industrial unit, we can provide advice on equipment that would best suit your needs. We supply care homes, retailers, laundries, cruise ships, dressmakers and more, so our experience in this industry is far and wide. For product advice and sales enquiries, call us on 0203 151 9850.