Recycling & Sustainability


Here at Ironing Supplies, we’re committed to respecting our environmental and the sustainability of the products we supply. We know our customers share our commitment, which is why we’ve provided the following information to help us, and you, to minimise waste and re-use more.

Polythene Garment Covers

We source our poly from a well established UK manufacturer which means the production is handled in one location. This helps to keep the shipping impact to a minimum. The poly itself, whilst not bio-degradable, can be re-used and recycled. It can be recycled with other plastic items, like bottles, bags, etc. The lifespan of an individual cover can be extended by re-using many times over. We also suggest inserting 4-5 garments under each cover to help you use less – greatly reducing waste.

We are looking into trialling sustainable plastic products including bio-degradable poly, and in time, we aim to provide this product as an alternative to the current poly compounds.


Wire Hangers

Our hangers are made, like may things, in China. We also source from Austria and Italy. The wire is a metal alloy which can be recycled with metal recyclers. Our white wire hangers are covered in a thin layer of paint which has little or no impact on the recyclability. The average life-span of a hanger can be anywhere from 1 week to 100 years – if looked after, they will not rust and can be re-used 1000’s of times.


Electrical Items

Our ironing equipment is sourced from all over the world, mainly Italy. We also buy from China, Germany, USA, Greece and many other EU countries. The component parts are, in the main, made from plastic, aluminium, steel, copper, iron and rubber. All of which are fully recyclable. At the end of the usable life of an iron or table, we recommend you recycle in the normal way. Some components may be worth keeping, as spares, for any replacement item you subsequently use. We can, in some instances, take a piece of equipment in for recycling, contact us for details.


General Recycling

  • We minimise our use of paper by emailing invoices, order updates, etc.
  • Our office uses low energy lighting.
  • We recycle and/or re-use pallets, boxes and other packaging wherever possible.
  • We recycle old ironing equipment by either stripping down to the component parts for spares or by disposing of them through the UK's WEEE Distributor Take back Scheme (DTS).